Our mission is to drive innovative, creative and effective collaboration between the private, public, and non-profit sectors for high impact, business growth, and long-term social good.

Our Focus


Working with companies to build strategic partnerships around a common goal for social impact and smart market growth

Social Entrepreneurs

Catalyzing social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and investors in new business solutions for social good globally

Corporate Social Responsibility

Developing CSR strategies for internal success, building partnerships, external impact measurement, and connecting work to company culture and products

Tailored Individual Social Impact Strategies

Advising high net worth individuals and families on their impact investing and philanthropic work and goals, including strategic partnerships and effective measurement for sustainable and systems change impact

Market-Based Solutions

Effectively combining people, planet, and profits to achieve business growth with a “Triple Bottom Line”


Connecting clients to social impact communities and networks for activation and amplification of their work


Pillars of Work


  • Culture
  • Communities
  • Supply chain stakeholders


  • Sustainability
  • Natural resource use
  • Carbon reduction


  • Business growth
  • Impact measurement tied to business metrics
  • Incorporation throughout the company

Stories We’re Following

Articles, topics, and trends we’re following related to market based opportunities and multi-sector partnerships to solve global challenges.

Diana Walker

Diana Walker focuses her work in large scale market based and philanthropic social impact strategy, investment, large scale partnerships, and thought leadership. She works with large corporations, governments, organizations, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to develop innovative and measurable for-profit social impact business lines as well as large scale philanthropic investment allocation. Diana has spent more than 15 years building impact initiatives and partnership alliances, most recently around engagement and measurable impact in the Sustainable Development Goals, recent and ongoing changing investor, consumer and board demands, risk mitigation of social impact endeavors, new market opportunities and market research, and impact investment funds.

Diana has helped to build and lead strategy and partnerships for corporations including AnswerLab, Blackbaud, Caterpillar, Chobani, Dell, Guggenheim Investments, Techstars, Variety, Walgreens, Warby Parker, and others. In addition, she has worked with social impact groups including Climate Reality Project, Milken Institute, Royal Family members, the Skoll Foundation, TED, UN Foundation, World Economic Forum, and others to build new initiatives around the Sustainable Development Goals.

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