Walker Impact Strategies mission is to drive innovative, creative and effective collaboration between the private, public, and non-profit sectors for high impact and long-term social good.

Our Focus


Working with companies to build strategic partnerships around a common goal for social impact and smart market growth.

Social Entrepreneurs

Catalyzing social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and investors in new business solutions for social good globally.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Developing CSR strategies for internal success, building partnerships, external impact measurement, and connecting work to company culture and products.

Tailored Individual Social Impact Strategies

Advising high net worth individuals and families on their philanthropic work and goals, partnerships, and sustainable measured impact.

Market-Based Solutions

Advising small, medium, and large companies on their opportunity and strategy for social impact, looking at all of the potential for positive impact to most effectively combine people, planet, and profits and demonstrate a “Triple Bottom Line”

Pillars of Work


Walker Impact Strategies works with its clients on strategy and implementation to integrate human progress; both internally within a company or organization to drive employee purpose, satisfaction, retention, and talent acquisition and externally to develop and strengthening thriving communities and markets.


Walker Impact Strategies works with its clients to build strategies and partnerships which incorporate their human capital and business acumen with social progress challenges to produce profit while contributing to human progress.


Walker Impact Strategies works with its clients on building partnerships and a roadmap for how the client can preserve resources, adapt to the effects of a changing climate, and incorporate a more sustainable utilization of resources in to a client’s product and work.

News of the Week

Articles, topics, and trends we’re following related to private sector market based opportunities to solve global challenges.

Founder and CEO Diana Walker focuses her work to assist companies and organizations of all types (global and local businesses, non-profits, foundations, governments, and individuals) in seeking out and developing new partner collaboration strategies to deliver high social impact return on financial and intellectual capital investments and partnerships.

Diana Walker

Diana Walker, Founder and CEO of Walker Impact Strategies, focuses her work with today’s most influential global thought leaders—businesses, governments, organizations, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists— to develop innovative, effective internal and external collaboration strategies to maximize their opportunities for positive social impact globally and locally.

Diana has spent over 15 years witnessing the power of corporate brands and strategic partnerships to create sustainable economic and social change. Today, Diana focuses her work with small and large private sector clients across multiple industries to help them elevate their social impact work and reputation through building strategic public-private partnership strategies and presence at key global platforms such as UN Week and the World Economic Forum in Davos to scale social impact globally.

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